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Accounting Services

Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping:

GuthrieCPA provides full charge bookkeeping services including general journal maintenance, account reconciliation and tracking of payables and receivables for analysis.

 Depending upon your needs, bookkeeping services may include:
  • Reconciliation of credit card, bank, and other significant accounts.
  • Produce and analyze monthly, quarterly and/or yearly management use only financial statements.
  • Maintain general journal.
  • Tracking receivables and payables.
  • Preparation of Sales Tax Returns


GuthrieCPA provides both live (including payroll check preparation) and after the fact (where you prepare the payroll checks) payroll services. These services include assistance with payroll tax deposits and preparation of quarterly state (for Florida - the UCT-6) and federal (941) payroll returns as well as the annual filing of forms 940, W-3 and W-2s.


A compilation is useful to small, privately held companies that need help in preparing their financial statements. Generally, CPAs prepare financial statements from information provided by management of the company. During a compilation, the data is simply arranged into conventional financial statement form. No probing is conducted beneath the surface unless the CPA becomes aware that the data provided is faulty or is incomplete. If a business needs to provide some degree of assurance to outside groups that its financial statements are reliable, it may be necessary to engage a CPA to perform a review or audit instead.


A private company may engage a CPA to perform a review of its financial statements and issue a review. Essentially, a review is designed to see whether the financial statements make sense and are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States of America without applying audit-type tests. Assurance-wise, a review falls between a compilation, which provides no assurance, and the more extensive assurance of an audit.

Internal Control Analysis and Design:

By having a CPA evaluate or setup various controls, small business owners drastically reduce the risk of fraud, increase the reliability and accuracy of financial information, and increase the efficiency of obtaining financial information.
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